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    Sue Campbell

    I have a client with a book in which characters speak in multiple languages. She wants the text in English with alternate text available in Latin and French. She want this to be dynamic—so that readers can tap the text/paragraphs and get a translation. I don’t know that this is possible in an ebook? Particularly since the most important (largest) audience will be buying from the Kindle store in that format.

    My thought was to do it as footnotes which I think do work on most devices. Is there any other way?

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    Aaron Troia

    Hey Sue,

    For reflowable content, I think footnotes will probably be what you will have to do, as tedious as that sounds. The closest I’ve heard that someone has gotten to this was actually in a browser, Pablo Defendini did a comic book for Books in Browsers a few years ago that had the capability for the user to change the language so the book could be read in multiple languages, but I haven’t heard of anything being done in KF8 that does this. That being said, it might be possible to do it in iBooks in a fixed layout with Javascript.


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