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    Is there a way to place numbering after text in a paragraph style? As in, for example, “item number 7”, “item number 8”, etc.

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    There was one of the magazines here that helped with such a thing. Unfortunately, it’s way too long for me to try to explain.

    But it involves changing the text language for those lines to arabic and then playing around with the alignments.

    It was Issue 56 (October/November 2013).

    I don’t know if you subscribe to InDesign Magazine or not, but it’s worth it.

    Sorry I can’t be of more help. Hopefully someone who has used that workaround will chime in.


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    Masood Ahmad

    Hi Rogier, If it is the static text that you want to repeat, i.e. “Item Number”, please follow the steps below:

    1. Create a Text Box and enable the “Numbered List”
    2. Go to the “Bullets and Numbering” options
    3. In the “Numbering Style” section, Go to the Input Text box in front of the “Number:” where it is written “^#.^t”
    4. Type the text you want before the “^” caret and delete the “.^t” (if not needed), for example: “Item number ^#” and click OK
    5. Line numbering will not work if there is no text in front of it, therefore, insert “End Nested Style Here” from the “Type > Insert Special Character > Other” menu. i.e. making fool of the InDesign.
    6. Now the numbering will work, simply enter hard return.

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    Hi Dwayne, thanks for your response. I’ll check it out.

    Hi Masood, thanks… it is indeed static text, and I’ve used a variant of this technique for years, but everytime I do so, I think that surely there are options more elegant available in InDesign.

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    Masood Ahmad

    Rogier, have you tried by steps, mentioned in my previous post? Please let me know if it solves your problem.

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    Masood, sort of… this is the technique I’ve always used:

    – I create a paragraph style ‘x’ with a list type of numbers, and then in the ‘number’ field under ‘numbering style’ I type the desired text before the grep code (e.g. “Item Number ^#”).

    – I create a text frame on the master page ‘a’ containing just a carriage return (i.e. it’s empty)

    – I apply paragraph style ‘x’ to the text field on all pages that have master page ‘a’ applied.

    This seems fairly similar to your technique… at any rate it seems there is nothing more elegant available within the limitations of InDesign. (These techniques just work if the text in the numbered list remains static).


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