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    I have a longer document. Seems like I remember in Pagemaker I was able to go into a view that let me see all my pages in an overview with pages in rows and columns. With InDesign, I can zoom out and see them sequentially, but not in rows and columns.

    It would be handy to be able to put more pages at a time in the view to use the wasted real estate on either side.

    I am thinking a view like this would be handy:

    What I have and what I want….

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    I know what you mean – here’s the closest thing I know of:

    Window->Pages->View Pages->Horizontally
    Window->Pages->Panel Options->Pages Size: Jumbo

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      Thanks Colleen, that helps. I am trying to find photos that are not in order and that overview will really help.

      I guess since PageMaker only had one master Pasteboard instead of one for each spread, that view made more sense.

      Never have liked the multiple pasteboards in ID, but I sure don’t want to go back to PageMaker.

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