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    I tried searching for this to see if there was an already made post. Indesign CC 2017 will not allow me to scroll past a certain page in the panels window.

    Resetting the preferences fixes this as mentioned in many articles online, having to do this numerous times a week becomes tedious.

    Is there a more permanent fix for this problem?

    Kind regards,


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    David Blatner

    You say that resetting the preferences does help?
    What about just quitting and restarting? Or closing the document and opening it again?
    That is a strange problem. I have not run into that. Does it help if you set your Pages panel to Horizontal instead of Vertical?

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    Hi David, thank you for the reply!

    Correct, the reset(ctrl+alt+shift) at start up does solve the issue.

    The problem is that it keeps on happening, I was wondering if there was a more permanent fix or if this is a known bug that has not been addressed in current/previous versions of Indesign CC 2017.


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    I’ve that happen here and there, but only when I have the “preview” turned on in the page panel preferences. When I turn that off, it seems to go away.
    I keep that unchecked anyway, because I’ve found it slows down the scrolling.

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    Hi Dwayne,

    I will try this, although the preview is a nice feature. It beats having to reset preferences however. Wish there was a more permanent fix or part of a known bug list.


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    Hello, I tried turning off the pages panel preview but the problem persist, this happens on more than one computer.

    Anything else i can check?

    Kind regards,


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