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    I have a client who had the users manual I created for them translated into Lao. I now have the manual back, with requests for changes (the client asked for the font to be changed from bold to regular). InDesign doesn’t recognize the difference between the fonts (when I highlight the bold type, the drop down menu still shows as regular). Can anyone suggest either A)where I can get the regular font (I can only find the bold version), or B)is there a way with a script, to change the type from bold to regular? The client does not want to ask the translator for the font package, for whatever reason. :-/

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    David Blatner

    What is the font? Perhaps you only have a bold version of the font installed? Or perhaps the “regular” is bold?

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    The font is Phetsarath OT, which from what I’ve read is something that was created by the Lao government. I’ve found places where I can download the bold version of the font, but can’t seem to find the regular version anywhere. Which is why I was wondering if there’s some way to accomplish this (bold to regular) with a script.

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    Tim Osmond

    This sort of area has all sorts of odd versions of fonts floating around, and it may be that you have a conversion of a conversion that has incorrect flags set, implying the font is regular when it’s bold and or vice versa. When I get stuff like this, I pray fervently that the original text and font is properly Unicode-compliant and ask my client if I can switch to a “cleaner” font.

    In this case something like the Noto Sans family from Google comes to mind.

    It’s public-domain and generally trouble-free.

    I checked out Phetsareth OT on a search and found a source here: (top of list). That appears to be Regular in weight to me.

    ALTERNATIVELY – I wonder if you have a case of someone setting the text with an outline around it in order to create a pseudo bold look? That would be curable by a simple search and replace.

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    Thank you for the reply. I ran across the link to the font which you mentioned above in my earlier research. Unfortunately, when I download the font it has just one ‘weight’, which is bold in comparison to the other text in the document. I’m trying to dismiss the bold from some of the text. The strange thing is, if I place my cursor in the middle of the bold text and start typing, the text is bold. If I place it in the middle of the lighter, or regular text, the type comes out regular. So clearly there are two weights in the actual document, but if I highlight the text they both say regular in the character drop-down menu.

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    David Blatner

    Stephanie: Try choosing type > Find Font… does the font show up once or twice? I wonder if maybe you actually have slightly different versions of the same font installed? If you click the More Info button you can learn more about each font in your document.

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    It shows up as Phetsarath OT regular throughout the entire document. When I click ‘find next’, it goes to the regular text, click ‘find next’ and it goes to the bold text. The text information is a bit funky; the style says it’s regular, but the style count is 0 and there are no styles listed below that. I’m wondering if this may be a case of what Tim Osmond mentioned above; some sort of conversion was made to the text and incorrect flags were set?

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