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    I’ve got an A3-PDF I would like to print as A4-booklet.
    But the the pages are in numerical order so I get the wrong imposition.

    This was hard to explain but I want to place each of these A3-pages over two A4 Portrait Facing Pages in Indesign. That should work, right?

    But it’s 178 pages so can I use PlacemultipagePDF in Indesign, and then change the document settings to A4 Portrait Facing Pages without the content to jump around?

    Or any other solution?

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    I found one solution.

    1. Create a new A4 document
    2. Run the script “PlaceMultipagePDF” on that document with the desired PDF. Place PDF on: “1”, when prompted.
    3. Create and run a new script, info found here:
    4. Remove page 2 (should be an empty page)
    5. File > Document Setup > Tick the Facing Pages – OK

    Then I had to adjust the layout of the first page.
    Also, add a final single page, copy/paste the first page there and adjust it to get the back cover correct.

    Now I could print it as booklet, woho! (Then the printer said the job was to large, but that’s a different problem)

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    David Blatner

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