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    Jon Jones

    Hi I’ve read these forums extensively and learned quite a few tricks over the years but never posted, hoping the gurus on this site have an answer for this puzzle:

    I have a large product catalog that’s just about complete, it is built from a stack .indd files merged into an .indb file. I am now noticing that one of the fonts in the footer found on about 85% of the 300+ pages has a missing character due to a font that didn’t survive the jump from some old quark pages (Q2ID). I know that I can find and replace content across all the pages, but can’t find a way to make the “find font” function handle more than any single document at a time.

    Am I out of luck, or missing something?

    Thanks in advance,

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    The normal find and replace can deal with font replacements (in the lower half of the dialog box), and across all open files.

    Would that work?

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    Tim Hughes

    Yes as Chris says use Find and replace, it is very powerful and one of my favourite tools in Indesign.

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    David Blatner

    There’s also a script here, but I’m not sure if it will do what you need:

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