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    I’m working with some workbooks and they have questions in the right pages and the answers in the next one. It’s always like:

    1. Why this XXXXXXXX
    [] Yes, but XXXX
    [] No, XXXXX
    [] Because of XXXXXXX

    These brackets are in fact a style with bullets using Wingdings checkbox (without the checkmark).

    In the answers, the text is the same, but one or more boxes will now have the checkmark (again, a style with bullets with Wingdings).

    1. Why this XXXXXXXX
    [] Yes, but XXXX
    [v] No, XXXXX
    [] Because of XXXXXXX

    It’s very easy to manage, you just need to change the style to make an answer correct. BUT when reviewing all workbooks, I receive a lot of text fixes to be done, and I need to make them in the question and in the answer. I have a workaround: I fix the answer, copy and paste without formating into the question because in the question all items have the same style (empty checkbox).

    My question is: is there an easier way? I tried linking the text frames, but because I need to change the style in one of them, it didn’t work.

    I was thinking about instead of making a style with bullets, make a style with a nested one that format the first character as Wingdings, so I can make the texts like starting with the Wingdings character for the checkbox or “checkmarked checkbox”. But I didn’t get anywhere with this.

    I was thinking about using variables, but would need to change the whole structure of the workbooks.

    Any idea?

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    Hi Luiz,
    I suggest you to create two paragraph style with bullet (in the bullet options you can add any glyph you want, also the Wingdings checkmarks).

    Then you can apply the style with fulfilled checkbox only to the correct answers.

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    Hi, Claudio.

    Thanks, I’m already doing that. And it’s okay, make the process easier. I was just trying to make it even more automatic. :)

    I’m a great fan of scripts and any way to save us time in repetitive tasks. Mostly because, as you probably know, we need to make things fast sometimes and any tool that will reduce the chance of errors will be veeery helpful.


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