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    I am using Visual Studio 2012 SP4 to build Indesign sample plugin using 2014 SDK for InDesign 10.2 or 2014.2 (x64) release version .
    I have built sample plugin WriteFishProduct and several others.
    Below are steps, I am following
    – Build 2014 SDK sample plugin ‘WriteFishPrice’ and ‘DollyTest’ using VS 2012 SP4 for desktop in release mode (x86 architecture).
    – Placed generated .pln file and its resource expect .pdb file generated in this process at plugins folder (because on placing pdb file, InDesign throws error)

    Still Plug-In of menu (WFP.pln) is not visible in InDesign.

    Indesign is installed in program files (x86) folder although it is showing ( x64 build).

    I am not understanding what is getting wrong.

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    David Blatner

    Does it have to be for CC 2014? That is a pretty old version of InDesign CC!

    I believe the newest SDK stuff is here:

    We don’t have too many plug-in devs on this forum, though. You might consider looking at the Adobe Dev forums.

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