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    Is there a script to convert file paths to placed images? I have a client that exports data from a database and places it into InDesign, but the data only includes the server path, not the actual images. We would like to run a script that goes to the path, grabs the image, and places it into InDesign. Does this exist?

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    David Blatner

    You could do this with Data Merge, perhaps, but only if the file path were in a CSV file.

    A script to convert the path to an image is certainly possible. Would the image be placed as an inline (anchored) object? How large should it be? Not sure how the script would know all that.

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    Thank you, David! I will get more information about how the data is placed specifically. It’s possible the data merge functionality could work. Thank you for the quick response!

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    Vinny 38

    Unless I misunderstood the question, I don’t think Data Merge could be of any help.
    Did you mean that the file path is actually just text in your Indd document?
    If so, maybe you can give this script a go: (haven’t tried it though)

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