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    A couple of years ago I asked in indesign-talk if anyone knew of a way of getting scroll arrows back after Apple so helpfully removed them from OSX (I mean the arrows that you position together or top/bottom in the scroll column and can click on to scroll the page line by line).

    Someone replied and said that she had them — even sent me a screen shot showing scroll-up arrow in the up/down scrollbar and right-pointing arrow in the left-right bottom scroll box. I have been unable to duplicate this in a standard install of CS6 in Mavericks (10.9.5) and find using the arrow keys to scroll with the text cursor increasingly maddening.

    I assume she must have had a script or plug-in installed which produced the arrows, or was using an earlier version of the OS from the time before whichever theologian it was pronounced scroll-arrows evil. Or maybe you have to have a mouse with a scroll wheel. Does anyone have any info about getting scroll arrows back in ID? Script, plug-in, setting in the program I’ve missed, *anything*?

    And my thanks again to Apple for making their computers less usable. Way to go.

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    That must have been years ago. I think they definitely got rid of the arrow back in OS Lion.

    Back then one could get them back via fancy stuff in the terminal, but I don’t think that’s the case any more.

    And to be honest–I never tried–I keep away from the terminal whenever possible.

    As an aside–I never had a problem with Apple getting rid of the arrows. I personally didn’t like the arrows.

    I don’t think there is a hack for InDesign to bring back the arrows that Apple discontinued.

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