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    R Dol


    I’ve seen a topic from many years ago about side notes, but my question is a little bit different
    I have no background at all in scripting etc..

    I have a file from my client with the main text. At the beginning of each paragraph, I have a code “$1$” and so on …
    In a separate file I have all the side notes with matching code at the beginning of the paragraph.
    Any idea how to combine those two files with a hanging side note as an anchored object?

    Thank you,


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    David Blatner

    There may be a way to connect the two, but I don’t know of any. Maybe a script here?

    My guess is that you will need a custom script. There are some scripters here who could do it, but there may be a fee.

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    R Dol

    Thanks for that info, it looks good, but indeed I would need a custom script to combine the two files
    what is a reasonable fee for such a script?

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