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    Sasha Pavsic


    I am working on a small catalogue with apartments for rent that contains data like name, phone, e-mail, a small picture of the appartment, etc.
    Every apartment in the catalogue is marked with the colour of the specific area where it is located.

    Question is:
    1. How can I sort the apartments by the colour?
    2. How can i sort the apartments within the specific colour, alphabetically?


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    When you say sort by colour, do you mean:
    • alphabetically by the name of the colour?
    • or by a predetermined colour listing?
    • or alphabetically by the name of the area denoted by the colour?
    I’d have thought that the third would make most sense to the catalogue reader.
    In any case, sorting the data in a tool outside InDesign (Word table, Excel etc. etc.) before laying it out would seem like the best option. Then you can use sorting data (e.g. colour name) which you don’t need to export into InDesign.

    There’s a tip on sorting within InDesign on this site here:
    but it’s about paragraphs, which may not work in your situation.


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