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    Steve Straus

    Table borders have always been a bit of an oddball feature as they simply aren’t as logical as would like them to be. Is there a way to make a simple table style (2 columns, 4 rows) that only has borders on the outside and not on any interior verticals or horizontals? I need to automate this using table styles for a book so manual tweaking is what I am hoping to avoid. I have tried Table Borders but these are linked to the cell style rules. While this is a simple 2-column table that I need, I have figured out how to use the left/right cells to avoid the extra vertical rules, but short of making the top a header and bottom a footer (manual tweaks), I can’t figure out how to get a table to consistently work automatically.

    Here is a sample of a test doc that I can’t get to work:

    Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    Hi Steve, take a look at ‘Row Strokes’ and ‘Column Strokes’ in the Table Style options window. Choose ‘Every other row/column’ and put the color to ‘None’. Manual tweaking avoided! If you wan’t to share the profit, always welcome ;-)

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    Steve Straus

    You have earned your ID Master badge for the day! This works perfectly. Do you want to go double or nothing with table issues? Another ongoing issue I have with tables in in the column heads. For a multiple column head with a column rule between each column, how do I automatically turn off the outside columns so the disappear? The left side drops off but the right side always picks up the style of the middle divider, thus I need to manually turn this border off.

    Here’s a sample of what my problem is (tweaked for easy reading):

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    Hi Steve, don’t be lazy, I gave you the solution already. This is just a workaround.

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    Steve Straus

    Marc — sorry to mislead you. Your solution worked perfectly and for that I am grateful. Since you seem to have an amazing grasp on some of the intimate details of charts, I was merely hoping to tap into this expertise one more time. My response was another issue that I can’t seem to figure out.

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