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    Kor Vec

    I have a list of figures generated through a TOC style. The table of contents I’m trying to create doesn’t seem to recognize the paragraph styles in the list of figures. Seeing as it recognizes the different styles through the documents of the book, I can only assume the problem lies within the TOC generated text frames. Help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Are you generating a list of figures and then trying to include that list when you generate a TOC for the whole publication?

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      Kor Vec

      Just trying to include the heading “List of Figures” in the TOC.

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    Kor Vec

    Just cutting the TOC “List of Figures” and pasting it in place made the paragraph styles within it recognizable for the other TOC.

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    My guess is that, since, if a paragraph style is not listed among those used in the document in which the TOC is being generated, ID will not recognise that para. style when generating the TOC, when you pasted the the TOC ‘List of Figures’, its styles would have been added to your list of para. styles.

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      Kor Vec

      I’m sorry I didn’t clarify earlier. My first attempt was generating the TOC while the TOC ‘List of Figures’ is in the same document. Second attempt I moved the TOC ‘List of Figures’ to a separate document.In both cases, the TOC generated didn’t include the heading ‘List of Figures’ and copying the heading ‘LOF’ and pasting it outside the generated TOC ‘LOF’ resulted in the inclusion of the heading ‘LOF’ after updating the other TOC.

      Cutting the generated TOC ‘LOF’ and pasting it exactly where it was did the trick for me, only inconvenience is that autoflow becomes useless.

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