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    I’ve placed text in a two-column layout, and I added a quote on top of it. This quote is placed in a separate text frame, and by applying a text wrap I make sure the body copy is pushed around the quote. The text wrap size is the size of one base line with an extra mm, so that the space between the body copy and the quote is two base lines (the extra mm makes sure of that).
    Strange thing: when I zoom in, I noticed that bottom halve of the body copy (directly above the quote) is gone (the curly bits of the g’s, y’s, p’s etc). None of the frames have a filling. Besides, there is a space between the text wrap and the body copy.
    Even stranger: when I rearrange the quote frame to the bottom (under the body copy), the text reappears.

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    David Blatner

    Hard to know… when you export a PDF, is the text all there? Or does it get cut off?

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    Yep, in PDF I see the same effect.

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