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    When I import an rtf file (saved using Word for Mac) into InDesign CS5.5 a significant block of the content (like – 2 pages mid-document) cannot be selected. It’s frozen. Even if I delete and reflow the pages, using autoflow or no auooflow, the frozen content does not thaw.

    I have tried using Text Edit to create the rtf file (by simply opening the Word doc I receive from my client in TexEdit and saving it in Rich Text format before I drop it into InDesign) but that brought other problems – neither footnotes or tables were imported. I have also in the past tried using iWorks’ Keynotes but didn’t find it to work any better than Word (at the moment the exact issue escapes me). Oh – and what made me go for the rtf format over docx in the first place, was that with the latter my foootnotes are thoroughly messed up.

    Has anyone else come across the problem of unselectable content in imported documents? Any idea how to resolve?

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