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    Abdul Razzak

    i want to execute indesign menu options in sequence using script. i.e first edit – > select all . then object -> pathfinder -> intersect. How do i do that using script.

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    Matt Isaac

    does anyone have a solution to this? I am working on writing my first script and would like to add pathfinder to it.

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    Ari Singer

    Try this:

    var myArray = app.activeWindow.activePage.allPageItems;
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      Matt Isaac

      I am trying to use the subtract option with two objects. My current script code is:

      function main(){
      var mySelections = app.selection;
      var bottomObject = mySelections[0];
      var cutLine = mySelections[1];
      var topObject = bottomObject.duplicate();
      var topPath = topObject && cutLine;

      Which works to duplicate the bottom object but now i need to use the subtract pathfinder option for the topObject and cutLine (topPath). I am trying to script a solution for my post in

      I tried using your bit of code in my script changing a few things to topPath[0].subtractPath(topPath); but it didn’t work.
      maybe you can once again improve upon my idea =).

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      Ari Singer

      Skemicle, the ‘and’ operator (‘&&’) is an equality operator, not an assignment operator.

      This script should work:

      app.doScript(main, ScriptLanguage.JAVASCRIPT, undefined, UndoModes.ENTIRE_SCRIPT, "Subtract Paths");
      function main() {
              var mySelection = app.selection;
              var myPicture = mySelection[0];
              var myPath = mySelection[1];
              var topPicture = myPicture.duplicate();
              var half1 = myPath.subtractPath(myPicture);
              var newPath = half1.duplicate();
              var half2 = newPath.subtractPath(topPicture);
              var myGroup = half1.parent.groups.add ([half1, half2]);
              } catch(myError) {
                  alert("Make sure you selected 2 path items")

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