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    how do i set or define text variable to use one paragraph style and if that paragraph style doesn’t exist on that page it should use the other paragraph style…

    many thanks

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    Tony–I’m not sure what your variable is for, but I normally set mine up using a character style instead of a paragraph style.

    For example, I use them for running heads in the books I do. Normally it’s the CT paragraph style sheet, but sometimes there’s a CT2 for a two-line chapter title, CT3 for a three-line, etc.

    So I create a blank character style called runninghead. I tell my variable to use that character style for running heads.

    Then I nest that character style into all my chapter title style sheets. I tell it to nest until it sees an end nest command.

    That way, the running head works for all three style sheets.

    I’ve used a similar approach when the running heads are certain heads in books as well, and for dictionary-style running head books.

    I seem to always use a character style for my variables instead paragraph styles.

    In your case, you could use the same approach and use that character style in both of your paragraph style sheets. That way it will work for whichever one is on the page in question.

    Hope this helps

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    Thanks a lot Dwayne

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