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    I am laying out a book. I built a template at the start and am basing each chapter on that template. As the chapters have gone on, I find that I need to change a style or add a style. I usually do that in the most current chapter, then synchronize the book to that chapter, then open the template, replace all the styles and re-save the template. That has worked for 40 chapters just fine.

    There may be a better workflow, but this has been working until today….

    I decided that I didn’t like proportional old-style numbers on the caption styles. I changed them to Tabular lining, saved the document, then selected that chapter in the book file, then synchronized the book.

    As the book was synchronizing, I got multiple over-set type messages. That small change shouldn’t cause very much over-set type–if any.

    I start looking at the chapters that are overset and the captions are all now set to [Basic Paragraph}. GRRR! Not all chapters, but every one with an over-set type message. Some chapters have some captions that stayed with the correct style and others that changed. Really strange.

    As I was pondering what to do, ID crashed completely with 40 documents opened.

    I am manually examining them and notice that all the captions still have proportional old-style, even the master document in the synch. Really weird.

    Guess I am just venting here because I don’t expect this is anything other than some very weird glitch that will never be repeatable.

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