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    Lisa Smith

    hi all,
    I’m researching digital asset managent solutions for a client and am wondering what you are using. I need something basic and inexpensive, that supports (and ideally can edit) metadata/tags, mostly for photos but a few videos as well.

    Any reviews of Imagerelay.com?


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    Ben King

    Hi Lisa,

    I like ResourceSpace. http://www.resourcespace.org/pricing

    What I like about RS is that a) it is open source, so you could in theory install it yourself on your own company server and run it happily OR b) the cloud packages come pre-configured for all your needs, cost is reasonable-ish for medium/large enterprise.

    Hope that helps


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    David Blatner

    Old thread, but in case people are searching for a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system with InDesign: https://indesignsecrets.com/issues/issue-109-digital-asset-management

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