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    Some InDesign or PDF files I get from design agencies have AW as part of the filename (not as the file extension after the dot).
    Anyone know what it means? Is it just ArtWork?


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    Where does the files come from?
    Perhaps, if it is firms hwo sell seasoning-products, the “AW” means “Autumn-Winter”? As in The Autunm Winter collection.

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    Thanks for the theory Niels, but this is a more general thing – I get files about different products/services at different times from different design agencies, and many have AW in the filename, usually after some other words.
    e.g. “xxxx A5 booklet AW.indd” or “yyy English Top10 AW.indd”

    The more I think about it, the more I’m sure it’s a (UK) thing for “artwork” – there’s nothing else in common.
    Case closed, I think.

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    Andre Vandal

    It’s hard to determine the nomenclature of a company, it might be regional or topic related. Here in Quebec you will see a lot of files with either EN or FR in the name, and it’s because we are a bilingual province and most files are made in both ENglish and FRançais (French). I,m guessing your best bet for an answer is to simply ask the people who sent you the file.

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