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    I’m working over a document from someone else and applying leading does not work as normal, neither does space after. Either I go with the default leading or if I increase the leading at all it is too much space between lines, the same amount too much, no matter what I enter. Whether I use their text box or make my own. For space after, it’s again too much and a set amount, not what I’m entering. What have they got set that I can change to fix this?

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    Hi Jakie, maybe the text is aligned to a baseline grid. It’s a setting of the paragraph.
    The baseline could be set to the document or to the text frames.

    Hope it helps

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    Where would I find that? I thought of that, but don’t see where to change it. I’d guess in the document settings as it happens even when I make my own text box. Sorry, suppose I should know this but I would really appreciate further direction. Thanks!

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    David Blatner
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    Thanks, I checked that out but I still don’t see a solution. I’ll have to live with it for the moment or until client complains about leading. That did give me an idea though, and I found I can make a text column in a new document and paste that into the problem doc and leading works normal on that so a workaround, if awkward.

    Thanks so much for the help!

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    Jackie, check out the option highlighted in this screenshot, that are the “align to baseline” options in the control panel when you select the text.
    In the screenshot selected text is not aligned.

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    Thanks so much, Claudio! That helps.

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