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    I need to generate 5–7 Bookland EAN barcodes per year in .eps format to send to my book cover designers.

    My predecessor here at our small research center used and paid $10 for each barcode, which I have been doing as well. It never occurred to me that I could do it myself with a program or plug-in.

    Looking through the forums I can see that there are at least a couple of InDesign plug-ins that can nicely do the job–but for my volume of books, I can’t really argue that we’ll save money by getting a $249 or even $100 plug-in instead of paying $10 a shot.

    So are there any sub-$100 Mac-compatible barcode-generating applications out there that you use and like?

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    Eugene Tyson

    There’s quite a few free online generators.

    Bit of trial and error but they work.

    To be honest – I get my printers to generate the barcode and attach it onto the artwork, I supply the Indesign files. They insert the barcode.

    They also do it for free, which is very cool.

    Check with your print vendor. If you’re doing a lot of work with them they can be persuaded!

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    If you’re prepared to go just beyond $100, try

    To make barcodes without leaving InDesign, here are some solutions:

    There is a free solution for code 39 barcodes:

    EAN 13; EAN 8 have a few free or paid solutions:

    EAN Barcode Generator by Konstantin Smorodsky:

    Skilldrick’s ISBN barcode generator:

    Marc Autret’s Book Barcode:

    So far as QR codes go, there are a ton of free code generators online, and since CC, InDesign has had the ability to generate them without plug-ins. Since CC 2014 it is also possible to create variable QR codes.

    What I’ve found with some dedicated barcode creation software is that they can create one barcode at a time, but if I have to create hundreds – even thousands – of barcodes, then they are no good for that purpose. There are plug-ins that will generate various varieties of barcodes as part of a Data Merge (or apply the barcodes to a database in general) but there is only an ROI if this work is being done often.

    Otherwise Eugene’s link is a good one, and there is always search results from looking up the following in your favourite search engine: “open source barcode creation software”. Also, if you are on the Mac OSX, do a search in the app store for “barcode” as there may be an affordable app worth downloading. Just remember – you get what you pay for!

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    Ruben Solér

    We’ve been using this free, online EAN-13 generator at my office. It exports to pdf, ai, eps, png and jpg:

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    elisa huynh

    you can find some solution barcode at

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