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InDesign Secrets Video: Unexpected Uses For Quick Apply

Any time someone asks me what’s my favorite InDesign feature, I tell them without a doubt, it’s Quick Apply. It makes the job of applying styles to a large amount of text so much faster and easier, I can’t imagine going without it. Geeks be warned: the instant gratification you get with Quick Apply is positively addictive.

But styling text isn’t all that you can do with Quick Apply. It gives you near-instant access to just about anything in InDesign, as Anne-Marie Concepción shows in the latest InDesign Secrets video at

In the video, Anne-Marie demonstrates how to use Quick Apply instead of digging through menus and submenus to find the feature you’re looking for. It’s also great for accessing features that you only use once in a while that don’t have keyboard shortcuts (or have obscure shortcuts that are impossible to remember).

InDesign Secrets video: Quick Apply

So check out the video and learn how to do just about anything in InDesign a little quicker.

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Mike Rankin

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2 Comments on “InDesign Secrets Video: Unexpected Uses For Quick Apply

  1. I’m a HUGE fan of Quick Apply; it’s my second favourite way of applying styles, right after custom hotkeys. One thing that continues to nag me, though, is that it’s fast … bu you must not be TOO fast! On my CS4 there is an almost imperceptable lag after calling up the Quick Apply panel but right before it starts processing the keystrokes to sort. That means that in practice, I call up the QA panel with Ctrl+Return, immediately type “super” to select a Superscript style, and … get the very first character or paragraph style instead. Am I the only one quicker than InDesign, or is this problem solved in a newer version?

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