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Searching for ‘Show Vertically’…

2 images of Pages panel, one displays pages vertically, the other horizontally.

Pages in the Pages panel displayed vertically (left) and horizontally (right).

If you’ve recently upgraded to InDesign CS6 and were used to toggling the way in which the page spreads in the Pages panel were displayed from the default vertical to horizontal, you might have wondered what happened to the “Show Vertically” setting previously found in the Panel Options in earlier versions of InDesign.

Panel Options dialog CS5.5 with Show Vertically option marked with red arrow.

InDesign CS5.5 - Panel Options

We access the Panel Options… from the Pages panel menu, and unchecking the Show Vertically option would display the page spreads horizontally.  So where did this command go in CS6?

CS6 Panel Options dialog with question mark in red placed in area where 'Show Vertically' is missing

InDesign CS6 - Panel Options

InDesign CS6 introduces the ‘Alternate Layout’ feature, which required the introduction of a third method for displaying pages in the pages panel: By Alternate Layout.

CS6 Pages panel with 'By Alternate Layout' page view on, showing iPad V and iPad H layouts.

CS6 Pages panel displaying Alternate Layout page view.

As a result a new command was added to the Pages panel menu: View Pages, that now allows us to toggle between three different view options.

Pages panel menu opened up with View Pages command accessed and diplaying 3 view options (Horizontally, Vertically, By Alternate Layout)

The three different View Pages options for InDesign CS6.

Cari Jansen

Cari Jansen

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16 Comments on “Searching for ‘Show Vertically’…

  1. Yup, me too. I figured the Horizontal option was removed with Alternate Layout. Thanks for clearing this up, April.

  2. @Anne-Marie

    Sadly from what I can tell, the online help that Adobe’s currently providing for CS6 still incorrectly lists ‘Show Vertically’ as the way to alternate the view… for Pages AND Masters. This hasn’t been documented in the official Adobe Help at all from what I can tell…

    Not the first CS6 application for which I find new features haven’t been properly included in the Help/User Documentation… I’m really not a big fan of the new set-up they are using… I much preferred the ‘click-through’ option where you could find a ‘topic’ and read ALL about it, by clicking the next icons (A bit like DPS is still doing today).


  3. @Alan LOL ‘featurotomy’ … I might have to borrow that one in the future :) … it will go in the same basket as: ‘it’s not a bug, it’s a feature’ :)

  4. Thank you so much. I recently upgraded to Creative Cloud and that has been bugging me big time. I was hoping it didn’t disappear, but totally missed the ‘View Pages…’ option at the bottom. Creatures of habit I guess…

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