InDesignSecrets has produced a series of excellent webinars over the past few years. The webinars are currently on hiatus, but check back in this winter to see what’s new!

Feel free to look over these previous webinars (but unfortunately, these are not currently available).

Past Webinars include:

InDesign to EPUB with Liz Castro: InDesign is currently the most powerful tool for creating EPUB, but it has unfortunate weaknesses and quirks that need to be overcome. In this introductory workshop, Liz (author of the acclaimed EPUB Straight to the Point: Creating ebooks for the Apple iPad and other ereaderst) teaches how to take advantage of InDesign’s strengths as well as make up for its shortcomings.

Advanced EPUB Formatting with Liz Castro: EPUB guru Liz shows how to expand on InDesign’s export by cracking open the EPUB file and adding special features that InDesign doesn’t yet support — but that ereaders like the iPad, the nook, and the Sony Reader do.

InDesign: Taming the Wild MS Word File: No doubt about it, trying to properly format imported Word files is often an exercise in frustration. Prepare to learn the dark art of fixing links, styles, and “Word Art” in this must-see webinar from HerGeekness herself, Anne-Marie Concepción!

Preparing for Print: InDesign Best Prepress Practices: Price Reduced! Steve Werner covers what you need to know if your document is headed toward a printer.

Introduction to GREP in InDesign: Price Reduced! If you’ve heard of GREP but don’t know what to make of it, you need to watch this one-hour webinar, presented by David Blatner. It’s now only $10!

InDesign Troubleshooting and Repair: Price Reduced! Something will always go wrong… usually just before the big deadline. Take an hour to watch this webinar by InDesign expert Anne-Marie Concepcíon and learn what you need to know before you get stuck!

InDesign Table Magic: Price Reduced! Use tables? Wish you better understood how they work in InDesign? You need this awesome webinar presented by InDesign trainer Diane Burns!

InDesign Typography Deep Dive: Price Reduced! Take some time to learn the ins and outs of InDesign’s type features, presented by InDesign trainer James Fritz.

Introduction to InCopy + InDesign: Price Reduced! If you work with editors (or you’re an editor who works with designers), you need to know more about InCopy. Period. Check out this excellent introduction to the subject by Anne-Marie Concepción.

InCopy + InDesign Techniques: If you’re in an InCopy workflow (or planning to set one up soon), you want to learn some of these cool tips & tricks from the Mistress of InCopy, Anne-Marie Concepción. (If you want to learn more about InCopy basics, check out the recorded Introduction to InCopy, above.)

Long Documents, Part 1 — Books, Table of Contents, and Indexes: This webinar from David Blatner covers all the long document basics you need, plus adds some clever out-of-the-box techniques that you need to know if you create documents longer than 10 or 20 pages.

Long Documents, Part 2 — Automating Your Work: The key to getting efficient in InDesign is finding things you can automate! This webinar, presented by David Blatner, covers many of the coolest automation features, including cross-references, GREP, styles, and scripts you need to use.

Preflighting Deep Dive: Catch the problems before they catch you! This webinar, presented on November 10 by print expert and InDesignSecrets contributor Steve Werner, will help you learn the wide range of preflighting options available to you — for any version of InDesign, whether you’re printing or exporting PDFs, or even creating on-screen SWFs.