How to Move Pages from One Document to Another

In this week’s free InDesign Secrets tip on, I reveal how simple it is to move pages from one InDesign document to another!

As Colleen Wheeler, content curator at LDC wrote: “Moving entire pages to new documents, formatting and all, can be a very convenient way to create excerpts, variations, and compilations, but this is one of those relatively simple, common desires that can vex you if you don?t know where to look. By accessing one of the three instances of the Move Pages command, or simply dragging-and-dropping from one document window to another, you can quickly move an InDesign page, spread, or entire file to another InDesign document with all formatting intact. Sometimes during this process a common glitch called overset text may occur. In this tutorial, David also shows you how to deal with this glitch by quickly adjusting the baseline preferences.”

You can watch my video below, or check out all the great InDesign Secrets videos at — many of which are free, and some of which are for subscribers only. (If you’re not yet a subscriber, get 7 days free content here!)



16 Comments on “How to Move Pages from One Document to Another

  1. This was extremely helpful! We are working on a historical review where we articles for editing at various times and we edit each one in it’s own file. Now that I know we can move pages like this, it will make combining them into one singular document so much easier!

  2. Yes good tip, but InDesign still lack an automated move feature for when you have to move lots of pages, I’m talking about 200-300.

  3. Hi, is this discussion still open? I’m trying to move pages in a spread layout to another document with an identical spread layout, but if I start with a RH page and select a few sequential pages, then move to the other doc to follow a single LH page, the “receiving” doc SKIPS 2 pages and starts the first new one as a separate RH page, as if the beginning of a chapter. I inherited this doc from another designer — should I be looking for setup preferences? as I just want to continue the book’s pages LH-RH. I would upload a screenshot but don’t see a way to do that.

  4. I think I figured this out — has to do with Page Shuffle check boxes (try all options), but you also have to move the first (RH) page of the added set of pages VERY CLOSE to the inside (spine) margin of the previous LH page; then it will “take” and shuffle all subsequent pages up into the “fold” of the whole doc. Hope this may be helpful to someone out there.

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