InDesignSecrets Podcast 050

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  • We’re 50!
  • Quizzler Winner — Where’s the System Color Picker?
  • News: Free CS3 Tryouts and manuals, Tim Cole’s InDesign blog, Upcoming conferences
  • Dealing with “protected” fonts (unembeddable in a PDF)
  • Hot Button Post of the Week: Printing a List of Links
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Crop Amount

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14 Comments on “InDesignSecrets Podcast 050

  1. Branislav, thank you for reminding me of Steve’s post! I had forgotten that one. (We are testing out a new version of Search so that it will be easier for us all — including me — to find old posts like this. The Search field in the upper right-corner is helpful, but we have so much content now that we need something more powerful.)

  2. >Branislav, thank you for reminding me of Steve?s post! I had forgotten that one.

    Maybe it’s because you just turned 50. ;-)

  3. Branislav, I should have been more clear: The new search feature is not yet turned on for this site. We are still working on it. Soon!

  4. Thanks for the printlinks folder, but I just wanted to remind everyone that when you package a document, the information file that is created in the packaged folder lists all the links. I used that for a list of links for a document recently.

  5. I have been trying out the demo of ColorSpecCubed, a plug-in from TripleTriangle. It automatically generates a layer with little text boxes of info about the links, and arrows that point to each link. Also of use might be Cacidi’s LiveBrowse for seeing a thumbnail of the link in the palette. (I don’t work for either of them)

  6. Me again- about the System Color Picker. Everyone knows you can’t drag and drop from Apple’s color picker into ID. But what if you have some RGB colors already in Apple’s palette that you need to get into ID? This happens if you use utilities like Art Directors Toolkit…

  7. The answer is- via TextEdit! Here’s how: make a dummy text file with placeholder text and assign all your colors to at least one character of text. Save as RTF (default setting) and go back to InDesign. Place the RTF, and all your colors are added to the swatch palette! Colors picked from the Crayon picker retain their names; other colors are called “RTF..” followed by the RGB values.

  8. Is anyone else getting an error with the LinkExport script? I can’t seem to get it to work on my Windows XP SP2 with CS3. Great idea, though. I’m very open to suggestions!

  9. I think not allowing people to embed fonts may actually encourage piracy. If someone doesn’t want to outline their fonts, they might give the font files to their client or printer so their documents can be viewed properly. It’s much better to allow embedding .

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