InDesignSecrets Podcast 052

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Recorded live at the 2007 InDesign Conference in New York City!

  • Intro to the podcast, how it’s usually created (when not in front of a live audience)
  • News: This conference, New plug-ins for CS3, New InDesign user group in London, UK
  • Who in the audience traveled the furthest to the conference?
  • Q&A from the audience: Converting CS3 to CS2 and CS2 to CS1, Editing .inx files
  • Live Quizzler: How many ways can you duplicate an object in InDesign? (answers below)
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Convert to Text

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Quizzler answers!
From our genius studio audience:
Cut/copy paste, Step and repeat, Alt/Option-drag, Cut/copy Paste in place, Cut/copy Paste into, Duplicate, Transform > Move (with Copy button), Duplicate a layer containing the object, Alt/Option-drag the object’s layer proxy to a new layer, Export snippet and place it back in, Drag it into a Library and drag it back onto the layout, Use it in PatternMaker, Duplicate the page or spread containing the object, Use it on a Master page and then override it on the document page, Option/Alt-arrow key.
From David: File > Export to .inx then copy and paste the call to the object elsewhere in the .inx file, save it and then open it in InDesign.
From Anne-Marie: Paste object into first row of table, convert row to a Header row, then continue table into a new frame and the object gets duplicated in the second frame’s Header row.
Two more from David: Hold down the Option/Alt key when pressing Return/Enter after editing any transform field; or Copy object to clipboard, then use Find/Change text (Find: any character or string, Change: Clipboard contents).

Wow! Who knew there were so many ways? Listen to the podcast to learn who won the contest.

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6 Comments on “InDesignSecrets Podcast 052

  1. That was a lot of fun to listen to (and a hell of a lot easier on my feet ;-).

    The whole InDesign Conference was great, and it was nice meeting some of the regular contributors to this board (Branislav and Marco come to mind).


  2. David,

    The auto-Fit plug in sounds very interesting.

    Since you’ve been throwing in all these Yiddish words, I’ll ask you straight out, do you know what a Gemorrah or Talmud is?

    Do you think this plug-in would be useful in trying to lay out this type of work?

  3. Hi Fred; yes, I know what they are (see some of my other books). Would AutoFit be helpful for this? Yes, I suppose so, but I have no idea if this plug-in works with the ME version of InDesign.

  4. I’m listening to the live quizzler from the NYC conference. How many ways to make a duplicate of an object.

    I liked David’s tip that you can duplicate an object by pressing the Option/Alt key with any of the Control panel transform fields

    And a previous person said you can copy an object with the Move dialog box by pressing Copy.

    But you all forgot that you can duplicate a object using any of the Transform commands such as Scale, Rotate, and Shear. Just enter 0 as the offsets and click Copy.

    You can also use the Scale, Rotate, and Shear TOOLS with the Option/Alt key to make a duplicate.

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