InDesignSecrets Podcast 075

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  • News: Discount codes for InDesign Magazine and conference fees, Adobe TV
  • An end to transparency issues! (Steve Werner’s post)
  • Using and customizing contextual (right-click) menus
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Ignore Optical Margin

This time, David’s audio gets a little glitchy halfway-through. When will these sunspots end? (Seriously, our apologies, and we’re investigating…)

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5 Comments on “InDesignSecrets Podcast 075

  1. Battery low on the podcast mike? Lots of distrortion here when playing the podcast (or is that just me?). Sounds like an scratched old LP here…

  2. Don’t know, Wa, it’s strange! We were fanatical about checking the audio during test takes and everything was fine … as were the first ten minutes or so of this episode. Something went blooey with David’s headset I think … you get that static sound, but only when he’s talking. I’m sure he’ll have the headset fixed or replaced shortly.

  3. I posted in the beginners section under the hanging indent section. I thought I had figured out the problem I was having with the bullets and hyphens hanging outside the left side of the text box. I was assuming it was caused by a postscript error, due to duplicated system fonts. But after hearing this post, it just might have been optical margins. I suspected all along there was something forcing that behavior. I never turned that feature on, but maybe the company that supplied the original ID template had done so. Thank you for your fine work!

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