InDesignSecrets Podcast 112

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4 Comments on “InDesignSecrets Podcast 112

  1. That is pretty funny that I neglected to edit out the coughing fit at about 10:30… oh well. As I said, I was sick that day! Glad to be better now.

  2. Good job, as usual.

    A couple of points though. FWIW, my experience doing a Snow Leopard upgrade on my MacBook was horrible. I wound up erasing everything and doing a clean install. So, a clean install is hardly a Windows only thing..

    I didn’t find installing Windows on my MacBook in Boot Camp all that difficult and Windows 7 installation is really simple. That said, many retailers will do the installation and configuration for you.

    I don’t think Apple wants to get into supporting Windows, which they would probably have to do if they preinstalled it.

  3. “Balance Ragged Lines”

    It’s funny, that you explore the secret feature of the outer shape of Balance Ragged Lines. 3 Weeks ago I used Dave Saunders’ “Text Styles Reporter”, and I stumbled over this output:

    “Balance Ragged Lines: Vee Shape”

    I thought: Wow! A hidden feature. But who on earth can reveal it?

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