InDesignSecrets Podcast 118

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  • Interview with Colin Fleming, Senior Solutions Engineer from Adobe
    • How he became an expert on ePub
    • ePubs on Kindles, iPads and Sony eBooks
    • Videos and whitepapers on ePubs that Colin recommends
  • Update on our Print & ePublishing Conference
    • Early bird registration saves $200!
    • Pre-conference all-day tutorials from Mordy Golding, James Fritz, and Michael Ninness
  • New cities/speakers for our InDesignSecrets Live Seminar tour
  • A lucky InDesignSecrets member gets a TruMatch swatch book as this episode’s random winner
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Shared Hyperlink Destination

6 Comments on “InDesignSecrets Podcast 118

  1. I am so glad you talked about shared hyperlinks. It explains a problems I’ve been having. I work off a couple of external dives and sometimes files lock up when I click a link because InDesign is looking for documents on an external drive that is currently unplugged. Now I know it was looking for shared links in previous versions of the file. There should be a way to turn off that default.

  2. Hi,
    How can i edit for master page item in all page simultaneously.
    For example i have set in master page variable running head in some page i have manually edit. then i would like to remove edited page (where ever i edit in the master page item in a page) now iam doing go one by one and than delete apply master page. I need to delete the all the edited page simulatenouly at single comment it is possible. Please advise me

  3. @Manikandan: I’m not sure I understand your question well enough. Do you want to delete the master pages or the master page objects? Or the objects on the document pages?

    However, because it does not relate to this podcast episode, I suggest you write it in the forums (click Forums in the nav bar above).

  4. David, we’re looking forward to seeing you up here in Vancuva! I mean Vancouver. :-) The Olympic City with NO SNOW!!!!!!!

    FYI, I grew up in Montreal, were Adobe was pronounced A-Dyuu-Bey!

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