InDesignSecrets Podcast 120

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  • Updates about the InDesignSecrets seminars and Print and ePublishing (PeP) Conference
  • Interview with Ole Kvern, Computer Scientist at Adobe Systems, InDesign scripting guru, and author and co-author of Real World InDesign, Real World Freehand, and many more
    • How he got involved with Adobe and InDesign
    • How InDesign users can get started scripting
    • His seminars on InDesign automation at the PeP Conference
  • InDesignSecrets member prize drawing: Congrats, Tim and Brian!
  • Harbs’ new, free Cross-References script that adds a much-needed feature
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Connections

One Comment on “InDesignSecrets Podcast 120

  1. David, we’re looking forward to you coming up here. Almost 150 registered for a meeting that can only seat 120!!! Yikes, people better get there early if they want a seat, otherwise it’s standing room only after the first 120!!!! Plus after you’re done, I’ll be chatting for a bit and drawing for door prizes such as your Real World InDesign and Real World Photoshop books! Peachpit/Pearson has already sent those. You just need to autograph them when you get here!!!!

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