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  • InDesignSecretsLive Seminars — news/updates
  • Sessions announced for the Print and ePublishing Conference
  • InDesign CS5 (and those other minor Suite programs) launch on April 12
  • QuarkXPress features that aren’t in InDesign (and workarounds for some of them)
  • Hot Forum Post: Cool Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Best Joins


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18 Comments on “InDesignSecrets Podcast 122

  1. That is great information about Best Joins, although I wonder why they still have InDesign 2.0 Compatible in there? How many people make tables in CS4 (soon to be CS5) and downsave so many times all the way back to InDesign 2.0?

  2. I guess I should read the help system before I post. After looking up InDesign 2.0in the help it has nothing to do with downsaving at all.

    InDesign 2.0 Compatibility
    If selected, row strokes appear in front. In addition, when strokes such as double lines cross, they are joined and the crossing points are connected only at points where strokes cross in a T-shape.
    ? If you do not want stroke formatting of individual cells to be overridden, select Preserve Local Formatting.
    ? Click OK.

  3. Re the iTunes issue, looks like a problem with Feedburner … I’ve sent in a support email to them. Sorry about that, I know it’s a pain.

    If you really really need to get the episode into iTunes (such as to sync with your ipod) and can’t wait for the issue to be fixed, remember you can always download the .mp3 itself by right-clicking on the “listen in your browser” link and choosing Save Link As, saving it to your desktop or something. Then double-click the .mp3 after it downloads, which should automatically add it to your iTunes library.

  4. Re: Things Quark has that InDesign doesn’t

    Quark no longer has the little pop-up menu that lets you step back and undo multiple change at one time. It was wiped out when Quark 8 was released, and I really miss it. : (

  5. The only thing that I liked about QuarkXPress that isn’t in InDesign is the Certificate Frame.

    As someone who does direct market design, that frame is ideal for order forms.

    I’ve worked around this by using some Illustrator file alternatives. But having it within InDesign and easily scalable like it is in Quark would be nice… for me, at least. :)

    Considering how you can add third-party apps to InDesign, it would be nice if you could add new styles (like certificate frames) to the pull-down menu of frame styles like the Solid, Triple, Japanese Dots, etc.

  6. I got around the problem with iTunes by unsubscribing from InDesign Secrets podcasts and then re-subscribing straight away. Almost immediately iTunes began downloading Podcast 122. Worked for me but I can?t guarantee it will always work or even that it will work at all for other people. ;-)

  7. Yes, Feedburner and iTunes appears to be working now… 122 is there! Thanks for your patience (and thanks to Anne-Marie for a morning’s worth of tech support emails and calls).

  8. Regarding Quark’s kerning pair editor.

    I completely disagree with the point of view of “just edit the font”. You can’t just edit fonts with programs like Fontlab. Try opening Arno Pro in fontlab and you’ll lose all the opentype features, so this is not a solution.

    As far as Kahrel’s is concerned, this is great and even allows for kerning for triple characters and the option of kerning between roman and italic. However, the problem is that you have to run the script each time which is a problem when you need to make corrections to the text later.

    InDesign really needs to think long and hard about kerning, but here Quark is much better (not that I’ve used Quark in years…)

  9. @Raphael: You make a very good point about complex OpenType fonts. However, I believe that fontlab’s FontLab Studio program handles them properly, no? It’s more expensive, but it’s their high-end font editing app.

  10. @David: No. Raphael is correct. Arno Pro simply has too many kern pairs for even FontLab Studio to handle!

    I couldn’t believe it some time back when Raphael discovered this. You can extract the kerning pairs using the AFDKO, but that’s beyond the skill level of the average user…

    To be fair, the vast majority of Western fonts will not be damaged by opening them is a font editor…

  11. Nina “altaira” Stoessinger noted on Typophile: Custom kerning in InDesign (GREP workflow writeup) that you can use GREP styles for the occasional kern-correction.

    A good trick for the odd adjustment here and there, although it does have a couple of possible issues.

    The big pro of GREP styles is that they are “fire and forget”: put them into your style definition, and you’ll never have to worry about it again.

  12. A few day ago, I’m a little bit confused about Indesign’s way drawing the the stroke.

    If you stay on the way controlling the stroke via the settings in the table options (like “best joins”) everything is okay and clear.

    But if you then change the strokes with the dialog from Window -> stroke and Window -> Color (sorry, I have a german CS4 version, so I don’t know the correct names for “Fenster -> Kontur” and “Fenster -> Farbe”), InDesign use this last input and draw this strokes in front off the older strokes.

    Strokes drawn on this way are drawn in chonological order: the newer ones will be drawn at last.

    This makes for me the “Obscure InDesign Feature of this Week” realy obscure.

    Greetings from Germany

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