InDesignSecrets Podcast 125

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>> PrePress Studio sells eDocker, a wonderful utility program for any InDesign CS4 or CS5 user who exports files to SWF. eDocker makes the SWFs more user-friendly in the browser because it lets you add page navigation and zoom controls, among other goodies. Try the free 3-day trial or purchase eDocker at this special URL and enter the coupon code IDS1 for 10% off.



6 Comments on “InDesignSecrets Podcast 125

  1. I highly suggest anyone using Dropbox to get the latest beta version, which is always kept in the first post in this thread on the Dropbox site:

    (I say this as of version 0.7.x is the current production version and version 0.8.x is the beta version, for those of you reading this far in the future)

    Currently, in version 0.7.x, Dropbox will upload your file to the cloud server and then echo it over to any other machines on the local network that are sharing it as well. In 0.8.x, it does the local network copying first, and then uploads the files to the cloud. If you’re using it to sync files between your desktop and your laptop, you don’t want to wait for it to be available — so get the beta and take advantage of this feature now!

    (I’ve been running various betas for months and months and have never ran into any problems with it.)

  2. Excellent, Adam. I didn’t want to upgrade before my session about it but will do so right now!

    I also hear it fixes the resource fork problem .. that Dropbox strips out the resource forks of various Mac files (like Postscript fonts),

  3. Upgrade to 0.8.61 went great.

    Interestingly, you can’t share Mac postscript fonts/suitcases with Windows. They get stripped down to 0K. It’s not a Dropbox problem, it’s a Windows/Mac problem, Dropbox tech support says.

  4. I’ve always had to zip PS fonts before sending to a Windows machine from a Mac. It’s an annoying, and unidirectional, issue (not the only one) that you’d think Apple would’ve at least considered doing something about.

  5. @Alan: Apple did do something about it: They basically dropped the whole format and went with opentype, for which this isn’t a problem! The problem isn’t Apple; it’s that we all have all these old fonts sitting around that have resource forks.

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