InDesignSecrets Podcast 126

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  • Favorite little features in InDesign CS5
    • New control panel widgets, Patient user mode always on (AM), Minion Pro default, more
  • Least-favorite, little annoyances in InDesign CS5
    • Change in panel tabs, New Window menu organization, Patient user mode always on (DB), more
  • Hot Blog Posts of the Week
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Folder 0
  • InDesignSecretsLive Seminars: San Francisco & Chicago in June; LA, DC, Denver, and more in the fall!


News and special offers from our sponsors:
>> Rorohiko (Slash the time it takes!) keeps improving their so-useful Soxy utility the latest beta now supports InDesign CS5. With Soxy installed, users with multiple versions of InDesign installed can simply double-click INDD files to open them, because Soxy makes sure they open in the correct version of the program. Soxy also supports file/version matching with multiple versions of Illustrator, Photoshop, and QuarkXPress, among others.  Special for InDesignSecrets listeners: Use the coupon code INDESIGNSECRETS126 in the store to get 25% off the $19 Soxy utility.
>> CtrlPublishing makes  CtrlCrossTalk,  a magical plug-in that lets InCopy users edit any story in an InDesign layout file, without the designer needing to export the stories to InCopy format first. They have another plugin, CtrlCrossTalkID that lets the InDesign user “lock” the frames that the InCopy user should not be able to edit. Listeners of the podcast get a 15% discount on CtrlPublishing’s web store if you use the coupon code CTRLOFFER5.
>> PrePress Studio sells eDocker, a wonderful utility program for any InDesign CS4 or CS5 user who exports files to SWF. eDocker makes the SWFs more user-friendly in the browser because it lets you add page navigation and zoom controls, among other goodies. Try the free 3-day trial or purchase eDocker at this special URL and enter the coupon code IDS1 for 10% off.



2 Comments on “InDesignSecrets Podcast 126

  1. Good episode again!

    You have mentioned, the change in CS5 to manage plugins, now all done with the Extension Manager App.
    What annoy me the most is it seems their is no way to create sets to disable all non-Adobe plugins. I do have various plugins installed and when doing training & demo I returns to the shipping configurations. That was simple to do in CS4 but a pain to do in CS5 with this change.

  2. Best loved features: the new layers panel and the web document type.

    Most annoying misfeature: PDF export defaults to “interactive”. I’ve no quarrel with enhancing interactive features, but making that the default for PDF is bizarre.

    Next most annoying: the content selector forces one to work very carefully when moving smaller images so as not to accidentally drag the image out of its frame (and won’t allow you to select a frame that’s on top of another frame, if the underlying one is already selected — where did THAT idea come from?).

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