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  • Take our quickie InDesignSecrets user survey, win a prize!
  • Sorting Tables, a story with three morals
  • PDFs from Print Booklet: Solutions for Mac users
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Include Menu Commands
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>> WinSoft International designs, develops, and localizes software for emerging markets, including InDesign ME (Middle Eastern). Their new plug-in ScribeDOOR for InDesign ($89) adds the ability to edit and treat text in 21 complex languages, including Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi and many Indian scripts. It can be installed, as a plug-in, in all Roman versions of InDesign CS4 or CS5, and those files can be opened and viewed by any other CS4 or CS5 user without them needing the plug-in. There is a free trial of the plug-in available.

>> Rorohiko‘s TextExporter 3.0 plug-in makes exporting text out of InDesign CS2-CS5 so simple! You can export all the stories in an ID file into one single RTF, plain text, or ID tagged text file, and you control how it orders the text as it extracts and concatenates it.  Special for InDesignSecrets listeners: Use the coupon code INDESIGNSECRETS129 in the store to get 20% off the TextExporter plug-in.



17 Comments on “InDesignSecrets Podcast 129

  1. First and foremost do not under any cirmcumstannce use export to pdf with CS5. They export to pdf is buggy with CS5 adding random spaces in text. Adobe know about this problem and are working on it. Until this is sorted out, you must print to pdf or postscript.

    Secondly, InDesign CS5ME has a huge bug with running heads so if you need this feature, then wait to upgrade. Winsoft inform me that they hope that this bug will be fixed in the July dot release but it’s not 100% sure.

  2. @Raphael: Whoa there… I’ve made lots of PDFs from CS5 and have not had problems. Can you point to proof of this pdf export bug? Could it perhaps only be the ME version of CS5?

  3. It could be an ME problem only but Harbs tried exporting the files in ID CS5 US with the same problem. When sending the files to Winsoft, they saw the problem too and said that this was a known Adobe bug. I just went over to the Adobe forums and there seems to be a lot of problems with the export to pdf in general (ie not ME) and Dov Isaacs says that there is no fix as yet.

    Therefore it might be prudent to advise readers/listeners to check their pdfs that they have exported very very carefully (since there are other bugs too). This has been an expensive bug for us.

  4. It could be an ME problem. I’ve also not had any problems exporting PDFs from CS5 as well.

    Can you link to the thread on the Adobe Forums with Dov’s comments?

  5. Raphael’s problem is specific to a very complex set of OpenType fonts.

    While this is a very big issue for him (and one which I hope to help him resolve when everyone at Adobe get back to work), I doubt it will be shown to be a typical one…

  6. With respect, I’m not the only person complaining of serious problems of exporting to pdf (check out the Adobe forums). These same files work perfectly in CS4 and work when printing to pdf. Adobe knows that there is a problem with exporting to pdf and have said that there is no known fix just yet.

    I think it’s a fair and accurate point to say that export to pdf is broken in CS5 and should be avoided until it’s fixed. Yes, it might not affect many people, but you have to know that export to pdf works 100% and not 99.9999% otherwise it’s useless.

  7. I’ve followed the discussion on the forums. There does seem to be an abnormal amount of people with difficulties. I’ve read Dov’s interest in it and he has said it is being looked at. I certainly didn’t see any pattern to the causes of the crash. But there were quite a few that opened CS4 files in CS5 and something happens in the PDF creation process. Peter Spier has a list of ways to fix files (since CS3) posted up on the forums, namely exporting the file to IDML and then opening that.

    I’ve only had one issue where the PDF background task would just hang. A force quit of the program is needed as you can’t close the document or the application when a background task is being performed. But once I reopen the file and try the export again it works just fine.

    Something weird going on. But it’s great the Dov has been involved and I think another Adobe employee has showed some interest. If you go to the forums I think one of them have offered to look into specific cases and you can send your files for analysis.

    One issue seems to be a setting in the joboptions file. So if you have an issue with a certain joboptions (the pdf settings you use to make pdfs) make sure you send the one that works and the one that won’t work. And you can do that by Saving a Preset in the PDF dialog box and then use File>ADobe PDF Presets> Define and select the PDF preset and choose Save which will save it to your hard drive.

  8. That PPD info is quite good – be interesting to have that as a blog post with the instructions to install.

  9. I rarely use booklet printing anymore, but used to work for a publisher that was very old school and I often had to make booklets for proofing magazines. What I would do is export a pdf from InDesign, then in Acrobat Pro there is a print booklet option under page scaling. Printing from acrobat also made it easier to duplex manually. I’m glad they took the booklet printing option out of InDesign, I could never get all of the settings right and my margins would be off which just confuses the client, etc….acrobat is much easier.

  10. A comment on the effect of file size nowadays – it’s still an issue – both for user download speed/quota and for server load.

    From server perspective, it compounds greatly if you have a mass email to 10000 people and they download a 5MB file rather than a 2MB one (30Gig transfer difference). Also, for emailing a file directly (rather than hosting and linking), I think you still need to keep under 5MB to be safely under receiving mail server limitations.

    From the user perspective, filesize is more of an issue with mobile devices (slower access, more expensive download allowance etc).

    I’ve also found differences between exported and distilled pdfs, particularly with blending gradients, overprint effects etc, but maybe that’s just a settings issue… I distill for print and export for basic proof, web & email use.

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