InDesignSecrets Podcast 130

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  • Congratulations to Laurie from Columbus, Ohio, our Survey prize winner!
  • Navigating through long InDesign docs: tips, tricks, and hidden features
  • Two new seminars debut in September
    • PDFSecrets: Working Smarter in Acrobat, with guru Clint Funk
    • 2-day InDesignSecretsLive seminar includes a new “Beyond Print” day
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Select and Fit Item (screen shot below)
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13 Comments on “InDesignSecrets Podcast 130

  1. Good show. And great tip on the new Select and Fit Image command.

    BTW, an even faster and easier way to use the new Select Item(s) and Select and Fit Item commands is by right-clicking on objects in the Layers panel to bring up a context menu.

    You can’t figure out which which picture is? Just right-click on the name and choose Select and Fit Item. It’s selected and you’re looking at it.

  2. You mentioned there is no way to make bookmarks automatically. That isn’t entirely true because you can make bookmarks by creating a table of contents.

  3. @Fred: The Table of Contents feature lets you make bookmarks in your exported PDF files. However, I don’t recall any way to populate the Bookmarks panel with those — so you can’t use them for navigation.

  4. David, sorry, but Fred is right. When you turn on Create PDF Bookmarks in the TOC dialog box, and you place the TOC somewhere, it *does* populate the Bookmarks panel, and you can use the bookmarks to navigate the doc.

  5. AM, as much as you love showing me when I’m wrong… this does not work when I make a table of contents! What are you doing differently than me? I don’t see any bookmarks in my Bookmarks panel. Anyone else?

  6. I’ve always found ToC makes bookmarks. In fact, when my doc doesn’t have a printed ToC, I’ve put the ToC text frame so the edge of it just touches the first page of my doc and…voila! Bookmarks. Double-checked in some CS3/CS4 docs and this is the case.

  7. Oh crud. InDesign was just playing tricks on me. I swear I wasn’t getting any bookmarks in my CS5 Bookmarks panel a moment ago, but a quit and restart of InDesign seems to have cleared that up.

    So yes, Fred, Anne-Marie, and Diane: You are correct. I humbly prostrate myself. The fastest way to make those bookmarks is via the Table of Contents feature.

  8. ID does, indeed, play tricks. My copy has a favorite, where it randomly won’t allow point size or leading changes in the Character panel, only the Control Panel, unless you explicitly type in a number. CS4 started this, then passed it on to CS5. You could almost hear the “hee hee hee” from CS5…

  9. Talk about playing tricks! InDesign CS5 shortcuts randomly stop working. Then I have to go to File>Save (with the mouse, sigh!) and save the file. Then the shortcuts come back to life!

  10. Ever since I upgraded my Mac keyboard to an Apple Bluetooth one (with no keypad) I have lost the pageup and pagedown keys (along with all those other keys in that little bunch (like delete-forward and home and end).

    Something A-M said about using the Fn key and pageup seemed to suggest that the facility is still there but hidden.

    Am I missing something? And if I get that function back, will it work in Microsoft Word (which is where I miss it most)?

  11. @Furry: On my Mac, holding down the effin’ (Fn) key and pressing the Up/Down Arrow on the keyboard is the same as Page Up/Page Down. Fn-Left/Right is the same as Home and End. Yes?

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