InDesignSecrets Podcast 131

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  • 7.02 patch update for InDesign/InCopy CS5: What does it fix?
  • Interview with Bob Levine, the “InDesignGuy” and contributor
  • Upcoming seminars debuting in September
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Comma, period, slash (they have a secret life as obscure keyboard shortcuts)
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5 Comments on “InDesignSecrets Podcast 131

  1. I love keyboard shortcuts for styles!
    As a rule I set CTRL ALT SHIFT 1,2,3 to the Heading 1,2,3 styles. Then I set 4,5,6 to Bullets Level 1,2,3. And that’s for all documents. Works well for me, and no matter what I’m doing and I need a certain level style for a heading or bullet I know that 1-3 is headings, and 4-6 is bullets.

    If I need Chapter Headings or something then CTRL ALT SHIFT 0 works. And then 7,8,9 is custom for some special formatting.

    Most of the time the body text is the first thing I sort out. Then I can cycle through the document making headings and bullets where needed.

    One thing about the PDF export option, and I fell for this about 4 or 5 times today. I created an Interactive PDF earlier on in the day. Then I had a Book file that I wanted to make into a PDF. And because I was switching from Interactive to Print settings often today, when I clicked the Export Book to PDF it takes a while to go through all the documents, and then the dialog comes up for print. And I get impatient and just hit Return and of course it then gives me the Interactive PDF settings. Then I have to cancel and go back to Export Book to PDF, wait for it to compose the documents and get the option again for Print or Interactive. I got a bit frustrated with that today.

    I too dislike the content grabber. Turned off on the first week of using InDesign. The target is too large and you inadvertently grab the content rather than the frame. I much prefer the double clicking too.

    Hee, I can’t believe the Application Frame is still a topic with Mac users. I’ve always been a Mac and Windows user, and I’d like to have the option to see through to the desktop on Windows… Maybe CS6?

    I got the newsletter – but didn’t have time to get around to doing anything with it. I’m going to try get something together.

    Excellent podcast :)

  2. On PC you can get some rollup and transparent app background action happening with third party theme management software, such as Windowblinds.

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