InDesignSecrets Podcast 132

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  • Anne-Marie: Twitter poet laureate
  • David’s ongoing battle with CID encoding
  • Quizzler Results (Making things invisible) and winners
  • Upcoming seminars debuting in September
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Always subset fonts with glyph counts greater than 2000

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4 Comments on “InDesignSecrets Podcast 132

  1. Dov Isaacs of Adobe just confirmed with me that even Distiller will make PDFs with CID fonts sometimes, so that’s not a sure-fire method either. (Try it yourself: Just use a truetype or type 1 font and type a character like the math pi symbol — option-p on the mac. When you write PostScript and distill it, you’ll likely see a CID font in the pdf.)

    The only good solution is to upgrade your rip on your ancient system to ensure it works. Note that we’re talking upgrading to anything newer than a decade ago, basically. It’s just the really painfully old, buggy rips that have problems. Anything even reasonably recent should work fine.

  2. Here are few more ways to “hide an object”

    1. Make the object a button (with something else) and change on the states (like over) and delete the object. When you export to PDF/SWF or test it in the preview panel it will be hidden.

    2. Make the object part of a multistage object with something else and when you change the state the object will be hidden.

    3. Animate the object off the screen and back again. Create a motion path for a objet have it follow the path off of the page into the pasteboard and back again. When you preview the SWF, it will move off the screen and then back again. You could also have it fade out and then fade back in as well. The animation possibilities are limitless.

    AM – If you jailbreak your iPad you can install 3rd party software to get a video out stream of what is currently on screen.

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