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  • Podcasts and videocasts you’ll love
  • Mailbag Answer: Changing the page background color
  • Upcoming InDesignSecretsLive! seminars for Fall 2010: Washington DC, Los Angeles CA, Denver CO, Spokane WA, Santa Fe NM, more tba
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Prevent Manual Positioning

News and special offers from our sponsors:
Certitec, an Adobe Authorized Training Center, is giving away one free 2-day InDesign class to a lucky listener. Classes will be held in Cardiff or London, U.K. To enter the drawing for the free class, go to and fill out the form. Quick! You only have 14 days from the date of this podcast to enter the drawing. If you don’t win, you can always register for any 2010 class at Certitec for 10% off if you mention -InDesignSecrets- when registering.
Rorohiko has a number of cool plug-ins for InDesign users that slash the amount of time it takes to get something done! In this episode we take a close look at their newly updated Mac/Windows utility called Soxy ($19US single license, $159US for a site license) that helps you open files (InDesign, and others) in the correct version of the program when you have more than one version installed. Special for InDesignSecrets listeners: Use the coupon code INDESIGNSECRETS133in the store to get 25% off the Soxy utility.

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10 Comments on “InDesignSecrets Podcast 133

  1. Hello Mr. Blatner and Mrs. Concepcion,

    thanks a lot for these really very useful, interesting and educating links to all your recommended (video-) podcasts. It just shows, that your InDesign Secrets blog is just the no. 1 knowledge base on all things InDesign!
    I like them a lot, especially the CreativeSweetTV by Mike McHugh and the InstantInDesign by Gabriel Powell videopodcasts, although Gabriel Powell hasn’t uploaded any new podcasts since November 2009, as you’ve mentioned in your today’s podcast, as well.

    Furthermore there are a few other very educating and useful podcasts out there, that I personally think, they are worth to be mentioned here, as well:

    – First, there is the Adobe Creative Suite Video Podcast by Terry White (Worldwide Creative Suite Design Evangelist for Adobe).
    This video podcast is online since mid 2006 and not only InDesign, but the other Adobe CS Design applications are covered by Terry White, as well. I particulary like, that he often shows how to create a workflow between several Adobe CS applications, for example a workflow from Illustrator to Flash Catalyst, or a Photoshop-InDesign combo etc.
    Though Terry White shouldn’t have to much free time for his podcast, either, he regularly updates it with new videos almost every week and recently began to link to video podcasts from other Adobe CS Evangelists like Greg Rewis (Web) and Jason Lewin (Video/Audio).

    – Second, I would like to mention Michael Murhpy’s The InDesigner podcast.
    It’s&emdash;just like all the others alredy mentioned here&emdash;a great resource, concentrating especially on InDesign.
    But unfortunately, the release of new podcasts by Michael Murhpy became step by step very rare since the middle of 2008. His latest video on some of the New Features in InDesign CS 5 (released just after the announce of CS 5 in April) is worth watching.

    – Third, I mean last but not least, I really would like to recommend one last great AND free video podcast recource, that, I personally like very much. And that’s just Adobe’s very own free resource center on InDesign and all the other CS applications: Adobe TV.
    I think, it all started with CS 4 (or CS 3?) and until today, Adobe TV’s video library grew so much, that you’ll find video training just for InDesign many days long!

    Besides, mentioning Adobe TV, I think, here we all can see one of the reasons, why many good podcasts have stopped updating or update with new content so rarely. For instance, take this very interesting and very educational video by Michael Murphy on accessibility with InDesign and Acrobat Pro: Preparing InDesign Files for Accessibility.
    As you’ll see, the video takes about almost 40 min. (as already many videos at the Adobe TV library do!) and Michael Murphy shows very clearly and slowly the underlying procedures in InDesign and Acrobat Pro to create accessible documents. That’s far longer and includes more details than in usual podcasts we were used to see by those like Michael Murphy and others.
    So in conlusion, I think, hosts of prioly mentioned podcasts are working hard to deliver great resources on other, alternative sides like Adobe TV, for what they should get paid. (Finally, we all have to earn some kind of living …)

    Just give them a try. I hope, you’ll like these great resources, too!

    Greetings from South-West Germany,

  2. Those are great, yes!

    Adobe TV is wonderful, but it’s not a podcast. Just sayin’. ;-) (you can’t subscribe to it and have new episodes automatically download to your computer). However, free video, especially 40 minutes from the InDesigner on a tough nut like Accessibility, is always good.

  3. It’s unfortunate that Pixelperfect has been cancelled and there aren’t any new podcasts coming out. But the podcasts that are there are very much worth watching. You can watch the podcasts on a device called a Roku that connects to your TV. Just add the Revision 3 channel and you’ll get to watch it on your TV.

    Another video series worth watching on YouTube is “You Suck at Photoshop.”

    It may not be InDesign related but it is fun.

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