InDesignSecrets Podcast 135

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  • Quizzler Winner (and answers)!
    • Largest number of tab stops in a paragraph
    • Largest document page size, smallest page size
    • Most number of columns on a page
    • Most number of pages in a document, highest page number (screen shot below!)
  • Steve Werner interview, InDesign trainer and blog contributor
    • Preflighting for print and for digital publications
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: PostScript Level

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10 Comments on “InDesignSecrets Podcast 135

  1. I still stand by my answer that the maximum number of tab stops is infinity. The reason is that you can set tab stops on type on a path. Therefore if you create the maximum size document and pasteboard size, then go to the upper lefthand corner of the pasteboard and start to create a line with the pen tool that goes back and forth across the entire document.

    If you draw this line so it is only 1 pt apart from all of the other lines, then you will get a really really really long line. Now, change this line to type on a path and then set the tabs to 1pst and repeat. I have no idea how many this would be. Until we can find an answer, I stand by my answer of ?.

    By the way, for more information on finding the limits of InDesign, check out my blog post from a few years ago.

  2. Fritz, I had forgotten about that blog post! Dang, that’s funny.

    As for tab stops, I dare you (or anyone) to create more than 2^16 tab stops in a single paragraph. Best done with scripting, probably.

  3. I have a AGFA SelectSet Avantra 25E and in my print output dialog there is under colour the option for In-RIP Separations of which i do print to using Postscript Level 2, is this really not supposed to work, should I be using say Separations.
    Mind you the In-Rip Separations does seem to work fine.

  4. Another limit I dare people to find, is the limit of the number of characters for a text frame (including overset text). Eventually when you copy and paste the same block of copy too many times, the info panel just gives up showing the number. I guess you can always count by hand.

  5. @ Fritz,
    gives you the number of characters in the current text frame. Let us know the results! :D

  6. @Kevin: Well, if it works, keep doing it! Technically, different features were snuck into different versions of PostScript for different devices. That is, your device’s postscript RIP may have gotten in-rip sep before PostScript 3 was officially released. So it’s not even as cut and dry as we noted.

  7. On tab stops, I created a max size document, a max size text frame, inserted minimum size tab stops and repeated. ID inserted 5760 tabs (which did NOT fill the entire bar!), and wouldn’t then allow me to add any more stops past the ones already there. On that basis, I figured that 5760 was the limit. I couldn’t find any other way to add more stops than that.

  8. Thanks for your tutorials.I have a problem about assigment.i have used it mistakenly and i can not remove this order. Could you please guide me and response my question?How can i resolve this trouble?

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