InDesignSecrets Podcast 136

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It’s learning week!
  • Anne-Marie learns a couple Acrobat X tips
  • David learns of a fix that helps InDesign CS5’s Convert to Hyperlink feature
  • We all learn the details of Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Preflight Report Template

News and special offers from our sponsors:
>> Recosoft is the developer of PDF2ID, the miraculous solution for converting PDF file to editable InDesign files. Install the software and you’ll be able to open (not just Place) PDFs in InDesign. Styles, tables, layers, threaded text, it all gets reconstituted. It’s amazing! The latest version, PDF2ID 3.0,  is compatible with InDesign CS3, CS4, and CS5 on Macintosh and Windows platforms.
>> MathMagic, the ultimate equation editor from Info Logic, Inc., is a WYSIWYG equation editor/plug-in that lets you create inline, editable EPS equations from within InDesign (if you use the MathMagic Pro edition). It even converts equations set by Word’s Equation Editor, LaTex, MathML and MathType, to MathMagic-style equations. For InDesignSecrets listeners, they’re offering a time-limited discount of 25% off any MathMagic Pro product that’s $199US or more, until Nov. 30, 2010. Here are the details of the offer, or just remember to use the coupon code INDS at the MathMagic order page to get your discount.


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  1. @Daniel: You are absolutely correct, of course. But just as United Airlines says they are north america’s oldest airline (because they once bought Varney Airlines air mail service of the early 20th century), it’s semi-reasonable to lump Aldus and Adobe under one company name now. Or maybe I’m just rationalizing. ;)

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