InDesignSecrets Podcast 139

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  • Super tips and tricks for Object Styles, such as:
    • Apply first/next paragraph style
    • Set position of the object
    • Set width of the text frame
  • Quizzler winner: How many floppy disc icons in InDesign? (more than you think!)
  • Keyboard Shortcut of the Week: Ctrl-Alt-2 / Cmd-Option-2
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Spacing Options

News and special offers from our sponsors:
>> In-Tools is owned by the famous -Harbs- who helps out so many users here on the blog and in our forum. He and his company develop many scripts and plug-ins that are so useful for InDesign users. In this episode we talked about the amazing Power Headers plug-in for automatically creating running headers with a wealth of options and filters, and AutoFlow Pro, which was reviewed in the current issue of InDesign Magazine. And in his spare time, Harbs writes an engaging blog on his company site at, check it out! 

>> Rorohiko has a number of cool plug-ins for InDesign users that slash the amount of time it takes to get something done! For example, Anne-Marie uses their plug-in TextExporter so often she thought it was part of the program! This wonderful timesaver lets you intelligently export text from multiple stories in InDesign out to a single, concatenated RTF or text file. It’s the  ideal add-on for anyone who needs to repurpose text from their layouts. Special for InDesignSecrets listeners: Go to this special URL: in the store to get a “10 pack” of TextExporter for only $109 instead of $149.



6 Comments on “InDesignSecrets Podcast 139

  1. I can’t believe no one mentioned InDesign Libraries!

    Remember you can have a define the size/position/style for your object, and add it to an InDesign Library. Whenever you need it “right there”, just right-click on that object in the library and click place item(s).

    This has the additional benefit of making your styles plus position/size preferences easily available across documents.

  2. Anne-Marie and David, thank you very much for the prize. I never expected to win this quizzler, especially because I’m still using ID CS3 and I was pretty sure that newer ID versions would contain much more of these icons. Ironically, CS3 is the “floppiest” version :-D

    Regarding the paragraph/character style panels, you both were half right. I do have MS Word (this is the half wrong part), but I never import Word or RTF files direct in my InDesign files. Instead, I open them in Nisus Writer to apply tags in the formatted text, then I save the file as plain text to be processed by a Perl script that performs a series of actions including text cleanup and inclusion of discretionary hyphens. The result is a tagged text file. That’s why I never import formatted text in ID and why I completely missed the easiest floppy icons of this Quizzler.

    Once again, thank you very much for the prize. I love the funny comments, too.

  3. Hi Anne Marie and David! Thanks for the plug for my blog. I’ve already got my presentation topic picked out for open mic night at the conference. I can’t wait. Last year’s conference was more fun than a trip to Disneyland!

  4. Great podcast!

    I have just two things to add:
    – Object Paragraph Style can’t be applied on Threaded text frames.
    – Anchored objects can be searched and moved/edited/change reference point and other stuff with find/replace.

    Greetings from Serbia! :-)

  5. I use object styles for items such as photo frames and pull quotes in the small community newspaper I lay out, and they’re a real time-saver. I just wish that I could target an object style for Word imports. They always come in with a None style, so I have to click on my default basic text frame style every time I import a story.

  6. I use object styles like crazy for recreating screenshots of our software for print. They’re super handy for mimicing the CSS formating of our web-based software. My current library of objects probably has about 50 styles for formatting text, heading banners, buttons, check boxes, scroll buttons and other elements.

    We also use them for our pullquotes and image captions with have gradients behind the center aligned text boxes.

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