InDesignSecrets Podcast 145

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  • Laying out data from a database or spreadsheet
    • The built-in Data Merge feature
    • InData, InCatalog (Em Software)
    • EasyCatalog (65bit software)
    • DataLinker (Teacup software)
    • AutoPrice, DesignMerge (Meadows software)
    • XMPie’s products
  • Obscurity of the Week: ATC (Adobe Type Composer)

8 Comments on “InDesignSecrets Podcast 145

  1. Great information on fonts! his helped me to understand a weird font I’ve been struggling with for years. It’s the logo font for a big non-profit, and I could only get it to work on my PC. This font never works on my mac. I tried loading it into Font Book and it comes in named “Georgia.” The same thing happens in Suitcase, only I get an additional dialog box telling me that some font files are missing. It turns out that whoever originally designed/modified the font didn’t change all the appropriate fields to reflect the new font name. The file name is called MissAme.ttf, but it loads into both Font Book and Suitcase as “Georgia.” I tried to fix it using a trial version of a font editing software, but alas, I know nothing about fixing font files, so I gave up after about 2 minutes. It sounds like this font was constructed similarly to the ATC fonts you discussed in the podcast. Now I know why this font won’t work for me. Thanks!

  2. We have been using Em Software for months and it saved us so much time. I don’t know what we’d do without it.

  3. Hi Anne-Marie! Can you tell me if the built-in Data Merge has gotten around the “separate text boxes for every record” thing, or is InData still the way to go for catalogs and directories?

    Great podcast!

  4. Hello! Looking at InData, EmSoftware don’t do a great job of explaining what InData does over and above Indesign’s own XML workflow. I’m demoing InData now, but can anyone sum up five specific things InData does that make my life easier than XML + XSLT?

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