InDesignSecrets Podcast 146

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3 Comments on “InDesignSecrets Podcast 146

  1. Great Podcast!

    Here are a few observations.

    1. Captions.
    I too would like to see “caption styles”, but I think a more logical system would be to integrate the caption options into object styles.

    Also, I like to refer to static captions as “zombie” captions since they are not a live;)

    2. Madison Seminar
    I am really excited abut this seminar. If you are interested in captions, I do plan on talking about them. I will also cover tagged PDFs (to some degree), plus ePub, publishing to the iPad and more!

    3. Mike’s Interview
    Mike, you rock. Your cool calm demeanor is perfect for interviews. I think it would be a great segment to have Mike become a roving reporter and interview the movers and shakers in the InDesign Community. Maybe he can interview people at the PEP conference. I think a Kris Coppieters interview would be fascinating.

    4. Tagged PDFs
    I make it a habit to tag each and every PDF that I create. Since Tagging a PDF does not change the physical appearance of a PDF in anyway, most people will not notice. While it is true the file size does increase with tagging, it is negligible (just a few k in file size per page). By having everything tagged, it makes copy and pasting easier, extracting content, converting the PDF into other formats and most important of all, more accessible for people with disabilities. If anyone is interested in accessibility, I would highly recommend that they attend the accessibility session by Victoria Richards & Jerry Silverman at the PEP conference in May.

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