InDesignSecrets Podcast 147

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  • Newsbits!
    • New Social Media sharing links on
  • InDesign CS 5.5: Why is it important for Adobe? What’s new?
  • Moving custom InDesign settings between computers
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: 6-Up

5 Comments on “InDesignSecrets Podcast 147

  1. re social media links
    In Safari 5.0.5 the buttons are hidden if window is too narrow and there is no scroll bar to indicate that the window should be wider. A related issue: if one increases the size of type by one increment, all your advertising disappears.

  2. @Lindsey: Interesting. Weird. When the window is made really narrow, you should see these Share buttons lined up horizontally, just under the title (instead of vertical in the left margin).

  3. What David said. If your window is narrow then you should see the horizontal strip of social media links between the title and start of the story. They’ll scroll off the top as you scroll the window down.

    Interesting “tip” re boosting the type size up an increment! I didn’t even know you could do that without bumping the size of the graphics too … it’s not the default behavior. Still, it’s disconcerting that happens when you turn on the option. I’m sure it has to do with how our CSS layout was coded by the developer. Thanks for the heads up, we’ll see if we can get it fixed.

  4. I see the same thing that Lindsey does. The social media links don’t appear as a horizontal strip beneath the title until they are FULLY cropped out of the window. On my laptop this is when the browser window is ~1000 px wide. So the solution is to make your window wider or narrower. It’s just that inbetween widths that are a problem, making the links appear cut off.

  5. I just tweaked the settings. Now the floating vertical bar will switch to the static horizontal bar if the window is less than 1140 pixels wide. You should not see a partial vertical bar, in other words.

    The vertical bar is preferable because it’s always visible even as you scroll down the window. But I can see that there will be some people who prefer a small browser window and who can’t/won’t resize the window even if they see something’s being cut off on the page. So I hope this fixes that problem!

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