InDesignSecrets Podcast 151

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  • PePCon 2011 recap: It was great! Let’s do it again! ;-D
  • Marijan’s new Acrobat script (lets you create form fields in InDesign)
  • Our Uservoice web site for InDesign feature requests
  • Interview with Douglas Waterfall, InDesign senior software engineer
  • Quizzler winner! (and answer)
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Load Selected Glyph

8 Comments on “InDesignSecrets Podcast 151

  1. Fantastic interview. What a pleasure to get a peek behind the wizard’s curtain! And a good reminder of what mind-boggling challenges may lie behind things that look so simple to use.

    Welsh pronunciation, mellifluous as it is, baffles the English, the Scots and the Irish (whose Gaelic spelling baffles absolutely everyone), so don’t feel too bad. Your efforts gave me a good chuckle!

  2. It’s all too easy to not appreciate all the hard work that goes into it and say “why haven’t they made it work!” and I’m guilty of that, but in fairness I’ve been asking for footnotes to span columns for a long time, since CS2 I think? When the span columns was introduced I had my hopes high lol. But I do appreciate that sometimes it is a huge programming problem, but I will still be campaigning for this feature in every upgrade :)

  3. It is interesting though, a lot of the problems that creep up on the Adobe Forums is the lack of abilities with footnotes. I’ve always directed them the Feature Request page. It’s great that they are directly read and not just shredded.

  4. Hi David/Anne-Marie

    Cracked me up you two trying to figure out Welsh pronunciation – there’s no use turning to Jon for help though, I speak more Welsh than he does and I’m English!

    Anyway, just to clear it up here’s a link for you:

    Hwyl am y tro!


    Thanks for all the mentions, etc. :)

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