InDesignSecrets Podcast 159

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  • Podcast listener survey, with prizes!
  • Smackdown: The Print dialog box vs. the Printer dialog box
  • WTH? The Color panel
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Reverse Path

8 Comments on “InDesignSecrets Podcast 159

  1. Love the “add used colors” which has it’s compliment “remove unused colors” as my standard start of prefligting.

  2. Hi! I would appreciate if you guys would not speak all at once. English is just a second language for me and it is a bit confusing when you all talk too fast and all at once which happens a lot of times in your podcasts.

  3. I am first-language English, but I find it much easier and quicker to take in information through reading than through listening. How are the transcripts coming along?

  4. Finally catching up (under threat!). Another use of Reverse Path is to flip the end of the path which Text on a Path is attached to.

    Of course you can do it in Type > Type on a Path > Options > Flip. But you can bind Reverse Path to a key, so that’s handy if you do a lot of flipping (or compound path work).

    (I feel like there’s a 3rd way to flip Type on a path but it’s escaping me right now…)

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